International Congress

Udine - Italy, 3 -7 July 2019

Leaving Loneliness, Building Relationships


Understanding Loneliness

Loneliness takes its toll: the impact of social isolation on mental and somatic health

Loneliness and mental health

Digital Loneliness, Digital Relationships

The Price of Modern Life: Depression & Loneliness

Loneliness and the need to belong: aspects of loneliness

Identity, memory and emotional ties: how to escape from loneliness when inherent pieces of our experience slip away forever?  (Speech in Italian)

Cultural identity, violence and the problem of loneliness (Speech in Italian)

Perspectives on Loneliness, Education and Narrative

Udine manifesto to contrast loneliness 

La Résilience Émotionnelle: quand les jeunes découvrent le bien-être par la connaissance de soi (Speech in French)

Jeder Mensch ist ein Universum - und (deshalb) ganz allein (Speech in German)



People need meaningful relationships to feel good. Feeling alone or isolated is closely linked to social pain. Nowadays people of all ages and from all walks of life suffer from loneliness.Helplines offer emotional support in a fast and simple way and play a significant part in helping people to connect to others.The Congress addressed different aspects of loneliness as well as possible ways for individuals and communities to deal with the condition.The city of Udine is a laboratory for social connections and creativity, a place to inspire you and strengthen your commitment to the field of social health and well being.



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